CNC milling of electronics housing

Personalization and milling of electronics housings. How does it proceed?

The process of personalizing aluminum and plastic housings using CNC milling is a service that works well in many enterprises. Using it allows you to obtain tailored components used, among others, in the production of all types of electronics. From the rest of this entry you will learn what it is and how the process of milling housings using CNC technology works. You will learn about the individual stages of work and check what services, apart from personalization of these components, are in our offer.

What is the housing personalization service?

frezowanie obudów dla elektroniki
Personalized housings using CNC milling

Personalization of enclosures is a process involving the processing of these types of elements in order to obtain appropriate shapes, parameters and functionality. It is usually used for universal components to adapt them to specific electronics and the needs of the manufacturers themselves.

It is most often made using the CNC milling method, which allows for placing appropriate ventilation holes, places for connectors, displays and many other components in the housings.

The advantages of CNC milling are primarily speed, efficiency, precision and repeatability. This procedure allows you to make even hundreds of homogeneous housings that can participate in further production processes.

How do we personalize housings in our plant?

personalizowana obudowa plastikowa
Personalized housing

As part of our company’s activities, we provide access to comprehensive CNC milling services that allow for quick, efficient and effective personalization of any housings.

We work with enclosed structures whose dimensions reach up to 200 x 200 x 100 – made of both plastic and aluminum. The size of the minimum cutter is only 2 mm in diameter and the radius is 1 mm.

However, for this to happen, each process of customizing housings must be accompanied by 3 key stages.

Stage 1: Design

The entire CNC machining process is preceded by a thorough review of our clients’ guidelines. To better understand their requirements, we check the provided 2D drawings or the so-called .step models. On this basis, we are able to adjust our production lines and estimate initial costs and deadlines.

Stage 2: Prototyping

When our offer is accepted by customers, we move on to the next phase, which involves preparing trial series of products. As part of our activities, we develop prototypes that allow us to make corrections and optimizations, eliminate possible errors and, above all, ensure that the final product will be 100% consistent with the recipients’ expectations.

Stage 3: Serial production

When everything is ready, we start serial processing of the housings, thanks to which we obtain precise, uniform components that meet expectations. After completing the work, each element is secured and then delivered straight to the customer.

CNC housing milling from “A to Z”. What else is in our offer?

Our activities do not focus solely on personalizing electronics housings provided by our customers. Our extensive experience, specialized staff and appropriate machinery mean that we are happy to be responsible for the entire process of delivering fully tailored components.

For this purpose, we offer the possibility of direct purchase of a universal housing (according to customer specifications) – straight from reputable suppliers. Then we perform CNC milling to finally deliver a fully finished product – in line with expectations.

Our plant’s offer is also complemented by additional services. We are happy to undertake tasks such as:

  • Placing appropriate stickers on housings.
  • Mounting the electronics to the housing.
  • Performing functional tests immediately after installation (based on the specifications provided by the client).
  • Packing (also using materials provided by the client).

Do you want a proven business partner whom you can trust and entrust with the personalization of housings?

If you want the processing of your electronics housings to be quick, predictable, and additionally ensure the highest possible quality of the components obtained in this way – you are in the right place.

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our support. Our experts will prepare a personalized cooperation offer that will be tailored to both the requirements and capabilities of your company.