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Aluminiowa forma wtryskowa

CNC milling services

Palgio – CNC milling services Palgio offers CNC milling services for aluminum and plastics. We operate on a modern 3-axis CNC plotter of Polish production. We have the capability to create precise products with the accuracy desired by the customer. We specialize in milling relatively small-sized and complex-structured components. We handle both prototype and serial …

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frezowanie obudów dla elektroniki

CNC milling of electronics housing

Personalization and milling of electronics housings. How does it proceed? The process of personalizing aluminum and plastic housings using CNC milling is a service that works well in many enterprises. Using it allows you to obtain tailored components used, among others, in the production of all types of electronics. From the rest of this entry …

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narzedzia do frezowania

Machining parameters

The selection of appropriate machining parameters such as feed rate, spindle speed, and cutting depth has a direct impact on the final product. Therefore, every CNC machine operator should thoroughly analyze this issue. A person starting their journey with CNC milling services, due to a lack of experience, probably doesn’t realize how crucial it is …

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frezowanie cnc

Bracket for securing cables

Cable clamp – service performed through CNC milling in POM-C material The purpose of the service was to create a bracket that would protect the cables from wear and keep them at a constant distance from each other when passing through a hole in a steel partition. The bracket should accommodate 3 high-current cables with …

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