CNC Milling Aluminum

Aluminum Milling Services

Aluminum Milling Services for Business and Industrial Clients.

We provide aluminum milling services using a modern CNC milling machine with a working area of 400 x 500 mm. Our state-of-the-art machine allows us to create intricate shapes and unusual designs while ensuring high repeatability when milling a larger quantity of parts.

The modern CNC milling machines we possess are characterized by high rigidity and precision. The position controller reads and corrects the cutter’s position with a resolution of up to 1 micron. This enables us to mill aluminum products with very high accuracy and repeatability.

Aluminum Milling Advantages

High repeatability of produced parts

2D, 2.5D, and 3D machining

3-axis CNC machine dedicated for working with aluminum

Timely service delivery

Prototype and serial production items

Customized quote for aluminum milling services. How quickly can I receive a quote?

We provide quotes based on the 3D model sent by the client. Our pricing takes into account machine working hours, the type of material for the product, and operational costs (tool wear, coolant, machine depreciation). Once the quote is prepared, we send it to the client via email for approval

Sample of Aluminum Machining

Machining a Gear Wheel in Aluminum Material